La légende de Zelda en Rap

La légende de Zelda en Rap



(LINK)Im L to the I to the N-KMy Will is to make it to the end gameJust Chill cuz you could be offendingthe ladies im defending

I was Raised by the Kokiri but im actually a HylianRupees by the Million Shirt green ChameleonSuck these Deku Nuts, Ive got spiritual stonesUsed to be a runt, now im full grown

Known as the Hero of time and I always get minecuz im always on my grind all the time timeFind Find Me Me rescuing some fine lady from the belly of the beast and if youve got beef then id like you to meet my triforces right here 123Dont fuck with me cuz you find quickly that i Beat Beat Beat Skeet Skeet then Leave

(chorus)Why all the Ladies always Trippin on me they be requesting that I be questingI be thee best thing big stick I swingCan you see my Green Drip Drip Viseine IM QUESTING WhatIm questing Ohh

(DEKU TREE)Deku tree what it be cant be like me Cant Ball Like me Y’Aint Tall like mePutem all on me Just Call on me Cuz Magic Sticks are Growing on meI got more rings then a cellular phoneI control fairies like an Al CaponeIf you Cummin inside better Put a Shield onand Face your destiny alone

(NAVI)Rupees Rupees Rubies BabySippin on your PotionSLUPFellas makin faces when they Followin my motionDERPIm the illest Fairy from Kokiri to the Sacred RealmTell’em Im Preparin them for Freaks of Nature Raisin HellHEYLISTENIm Navi and im Navigatin I side with you while they hatin I am not an insect better respect meor face the fate of all my fairy magicon your ass that would be tragicIm a Maverick I go DrasticOther Fairies shit is Slapstick


(SHIEK)Im Sheik on the Beat and im Shiek on the street Im petite cuz underneath I got a princess physiquedont need to come at you to hard cuz i come at you discreet I pluck Harp StringsHaters suck Hard Things The Music I be Makins got you teleporting.

(Ganandorf)Ganondorf and I be coming at you Evildo all this just to help my people Man of the century I be what I wanna beCant stop me I Take what I please Leave your cities like dust in the breezeI RULE HyruleLittle Kid needs schoolIf you coming at me foolBetter be full growed Cuz im about to switch HABEAST MODE!




Alexandre Bonazzi

Je travaille dans une société d'études et de conseil depuis 25 ans. Passionné par les nouvelles technologies, le High-tech et la pop culture en général j'ai fondé Neozone en 1999 où je partage depuis des articles et mes humeurs. Vous pouvez me suivre et me contacter sur Twitter, Linkedin et Facebook ou m'écrire directement par mail.

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