Une nouvelle bande annonce pour Tom Clancy’s The Division vient être publiée sur YouTube, par erreur apparemment car quelques minutes après la vidéo a été retirée aussi sec de la plateforme. Fail ou leak, aucune information ne circule sur ce trailer en Italien.

La vidéo est disponible sur de nombreux miroirs, si vous souhaitez jeter un coup d’œil elle est disponible ci-dessous. (vidéo non hébergée chez NeozOne je précise.)

Edit3: Translation by /u/icevenom
0:00 – When you joined the division, what did you expect?
0:08 – I’m sure they told you of the sacrifices you’d eventually have to make
0:16 – but none of us could have expected this
0:27 – if there is a chance at putting this city back on its feet, it depends on you
0:37 – upon arriving, this place was destroyed. but with time, it can become our home.
0:45 – From here, we did many missions seeking others, drs, egineers, police. people who would help rebuild the city.
1:02 – out there you’ll need all your (might?). Each battle will make you stronger
1:26 – every struggle will make you more potent(better).
1:35 – spend some time alone and you’ll learn, if we don’t fight together, you’ll die alone.
1:47 – other agents have created refuges all over the city. you’ll have to collaborate and fight with them.
1:54 – we have to rely on our strengths to save what’s left and give NY a chance to fight for something that we thought we lost, hope.
2:10 – we need to collaborate and unite our efforts, fight together.
2:45 – you are here for a reason, don’t have doubts, we will retake our city
3:03 – during your efforts, youll find a place outside the walls, the black zone, a place of fear and struggle where you can’t trust anyone
3:20 – our fight is only the beginning

Via: reddit.com